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Being a runner since 1985 myself, I know what it's like to hear one's name at the finish line of an event. When I completed the 2007 Boston Marathon it was such a thrill to hear their announcer call out:  “ ... from Nova Scotia, Canada - Mark Stein!

I have been an event Emcee for well over a decade and have honed my skills to offer a service that I have been told is truly second to none. I have hosted events of every distance from one milers to marathons, triathlons, banquets and dinners. I enjoy encouraging others, making people feel comfortable, happy, inspired and proud of their accomplishments.

A short interview featured in Canadian Running Magazine:
"The voice behind the microphone: What it’s like to host a race"

“I have video of me crossing the finish line at Valley Harvest Marathon...and about 100 meters before I get there you can hear him announce my name ... pretty exciting for my first marathon!”

Lindsay Bennett, Halifax

“Anyone ever been to a race in Nova Scotia? Whether you participated or cheered from the sidelines (or couldn't avoid it because it took over the city!) you've probably heard Mark Stein's voice. For me, hearing Mark's voice as I approach the finish line at the Cabot Trail Relay helps me know I'm going to make it (and survive to tell the tail). Thanks Mark!”

Susan Horton, Halifax

“From behind the scenes I can tell you that when I roll into a race to time it and Mark Stein is onsite, I know it's going to be a good day. There is no one else I would rather spend hours at the finish line with, Mark motivates all of us and brings a team spirit that is truly appreciated. Here's to you Mark, looking forward to many more gigs working with you.”

Mike Richard, Atlantic Chip Sport Event Timing, Fredericton, New Brunswick

“This guy has been the driving force that gives me the burst to the finish line! Thanks Mark Stein”

Jackie Ruggles, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

“AWESOME JOB Mark! I always look forward to seeing you at races ... you leave no one out ..from the first place finisher, to everyone who comes after, you are encouraging to everyone!”

Kevin Robinson, Truro

“I love his voice and smile! He makes me feel like the finish line is mine!”

Holly Hearn, Kingston, Nova Scotia

“He is awesome! His voice and him calling out my name at the finish line makes me feel like a million bucks!”

Angela MacDonald, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Last year was my first Maritime Race Weekend and my husband videoed me coming in to the finish line and I smile every time I listen to it (as Mark says:) 'Look at those happy runners, they have got bugs on their teeth' LOL! He was at the NS Marathon weekend too and he was encouraging runners by name as they were approaching the Causeway (nowhere near the finish line lol). Made everyone feel special!!”

Jennifer Shand, Shag Harbour

“Thank you for all of your help on the weekend. It was a big one! We are so pleased with how everything went and we were so happy to have you there with us. You did a fantastic job and were so easy to have around. We hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! Please put our date into your calendar for next year! ”

Tressa & Scott Bevington, Race Directors, 'Challenge St. Andrews', Triathlon Event, St. Andrews By-The-Sea, N.B.

“The energy and enthusiasm that Mark Stein brought to the Maritime Race Weekend was phenomenal. He made each runner that was starting and finishing their race feel special and singled out for acknowledgement. Mark kept the crowds engaged, informed and excited to be there. With his many years of race experience, Mark was also able to provide key insight to us during the event. He brought a mix of East Coast music that had the spectators dancing along the finish chute. Thank you Mark, we couldn't have done this without you!”

Michelle Kempton

“Talent, pizzazz, enthusiasm and spirit - Mark Stein brings all of these qualities to running events. The first time I heard him doing finish line announcing at an event I was sold - I knew I had to have him at my event, the Butter Trail Run in Tatamagouche. He is easy to work with and very reasonably priced. As well as our 5 & 10K events, he announced our youth event this year, and was great with the kids. I look forward to working with Mark for many years to come.”

Jennifer Langille | Race Director, Butter Trail Run - Tatamagouche, N.S.

“Crossing the finishline and hearing the enthusiasm and support that Mark brings to every single runner - cannot be captured with words alone. Its a feeling one can only experience by hearing the cheers that are encouraged by Mark with his genuine belief that every runner is a hero. I have never given thought to having anyone else fill his shoes and his energy and dedication to the sport of running comes through loud and clear. Mark Stein - the voice that inspires!”

Susan Carbyn | Race Director for the Valley Harvest Marathon

“Thanks for being a terrific announcer at our Chester Cut N Run. We have heard lots of great comments about your announcing... looking forward to having you back next year!”

Cosette Howlett, Municipality of the District of Chester

“Mark added just the touch we were looking for to bring an aire of professionalism to an already great race. His music and commentary made runners feel part of the event at an individual level. To hear ones name amongst the sea of runners as they crossed the finish line was special and he provided motivation to those that went back out to complete the second half of their marathon. Thank you Mark for the great job you did for us.”

Paul Lavoie, Race Director | Fredericton Marathon

“Your finish line announcer gets the gold star!! He is fabulous and I have been bragging about him since the first time he called out my name at the finish line. He has a wonderful gift to make each and every person feel special.”

Kathryn C. - Moncton, N.B.

“Mark Stein is a must have for any finish line. He brings a unique announcing style and energy to the race that can not be replicated in our region. I likely spend more time at finish lines in the Atlantic region then most people and our favourite races are those that Mark announces. His style brings a certain personality and air of professionalism that makes everyone feel they are part of something special. If you are thinking of retaining Mark's services, take my word for it you will be making the right decision.”

Mike Richard | Owner, Atlantic Chip Timing